Monday, 24 February 2014

Van Mise-ene-scene

We have been criticised with our use of Mise-ene-scene, we have decided that we are going to try to use my step dads van (As seen bellow) for the villains lair, this is a more creepy and dark place for a villain to be planning crimes.

Where we could film

These are all of the usable woods for the final scene in our opening sequence that can be used, these are the woods and parks with wooded areas nearest to steve and I.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


We have been told to make a pitch for out film for our teacher so this is what i have done!

It is bellow:

Here is another prospective title:

Title we could use

Here is another title we could use, we are doing titles that revolve around the theme of psychological thriller so all the titles revolve around the Halloween or hallows title that we have narrowed it down to.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Here is another title we could use:


This could be our films title, we are drawing up a few examples at the moment:

Storyboard and plot

Storyboard and plot

Script by ChristohersonSyko on GoAnimate
Interviewing myself:

This is the budget for the film, because it is an easy and simple opening sequence and we are doing it all ourselves it will only cost us about £4 in total! Hopefully.

The Script:

Music interview

Interview with Winston:

He is one of the people who may be doing the music in our opening sequence

Stages in our film

We have plotted the stages of our film so we can script it:

Monday, 10 February 2014

possible shooting locations

This is my house:

It has a large field in the middle of the close:

Also because it is a close a view of being trapped could be made there is only one way in, one way out:

Possible shooting locations

This is Steve's house, it is a location that we could use, people could hide in the Alley next to his house and it has a big open space in front of it which could be utilized:

Shooting locations

I have gone to the woods in Petts Wood:

I remember the tunnel at the entrance to the woods so went to take pictures of a prospective filming location that we could use.
Here are the pictures bellow, it would be even better at night!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Researching a director

David Fincher:

David Fincher is the Director responsible for several of the best rated films in the industry,
These include:


Alien 3:

Fight Club:

Some of his most famous films are Horrors, Psychological thrillers or action based.
He started his early life after graduating film school changing film rolls on different sets for example Star Wars.
He moved onto eventually directing his own films.
I have watched some of his films for example the ones above.
He is a great film director and is voted number 12 on IMDB's best directors list for his work

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Genre Podcast

We have made a podcast, it is about the genre and the certificate of a film.
It gives details of why we have chosen the genre and what certificate the film will be.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Possible film title

We have not yet fully decided on a film title but as we are a phycological thriller and we want to revolve around halloween this is an example of a banner we could use for our film:

Film Logo

I re-did this logo because the arrow on the left was set behind the arrow on the right at the top so the logo didn't go round properly, this is the improvement:

This required using layers on photoshop

Film logo

I have also created a logo for an editing company that we could include in our opening sequence, this fits in with the general order of an opening sequence (We have a prezzi on this earlier on in the blog):

Possible film logo

I have had another idea that I think may be better for a logo for our production company for our opening sequence as seen bellow:

Possible Film Logo

As Steve and I are producing this opening sequence we will need companies set up for our production and for example editing company, and a production company

This is a first attempt at a logo for a production company.

Mergers of companies often have the initials of the creators as part of the company name and as we would be a small independent this is what I have done.
Also many logos in this genre of film or who have dealing with this genre of film are dark so I have also done that

I just did this on Microsoft word to start off with.

I will discuss this logo with Steve and see where we go from here with it.


This weekend in the theme of psychological thrillers i watched Se7en!!!!!
I think this is one of the strangest films i have ever watched, i'm actually going to watch it again because there is so many clever things brought into the film.
This is the films description:
Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi.
Modus Operandi meaning: A method of operating or functioning. So basically his plan.

Whoever wrote this film must be the most creatively dark person you could meet or studies historical crimes because some of this stuff i would never think of! It's FREAKY!!!

This kind of gives me an understanding of what psychological thrillers are though.
They have a normal story revolved around a more dark issue.

In this film its two detectives one retiring one taking his place, they investigate the murders, every 10-15 minuets there is another dark murder.

This is similar to Cabin in the woods because they are going out to party and then monsters are sent, the monsters kill and the characters team up for a bit then another killing

The film is very dark in places giving me the view that, that's what psychological thrillers should be like, light and very dark

If someone asked me if they should watch this, i would defiantly say yes!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cool Technology

This is early technology and it wouldn't be available for me to use on this blog but this would be great for pictures of where to film, setting the scene for whoever is making the film. Because you are taking a 360 degree picture all of the scenery in a scene could be thought about as well as it just being an awesome piece of tech!

Click the link below the picture to watch the video it's amazing!