Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cabin in the woods

Steve and I have started to watch phycological thrillers to get an idea of how we should make our opening sequence

The first one we have watched together so far is Cabin in the woods,
As you can see below this is my TV and I just took a picture of the title scene just to prove that we watched it

It is about a group of college students who go to a "Cabin in the woods" for a party/Holiday, in this cabin it is a government controlled organization that control this cabin and it is some sort of sick game to feed gods as sacrifices

It is a really odd film to be honest, Steve and I both thought that it was an odd film.
It just ended strangely a totally unforeseen ending

It was a good film though and I really enjoyed it, in the past i have not watched many phycological thrillers and watching these is interesting to me

Other films that we are considering to watch are:
- The Exorcist (1973)
- Se7en (1995)
- Red Lights (2012)

We have decided we are going to try and watch these because they are from different time periods and we can see how Phycological thrillers have developed over time

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Psychological Thriller logo analysis:

Psychological Thriller logo analysis:

In this I will be looking through this site:

This is the top 100 list of psychological thrillers from IMDB; I’m going to look at, at least the top 10 films and write down their production company names and then research these companies finding them and putting them into a mood board
From this I can then analyse the different logos of each company find any links between them and then create my own
Cecchi Gori Pictures
New Line cinema

The Machinist:
Filmax Group
Castelao Producciones

The Silence of the Lambs:
Strong Heart/Demme Production
Orion Pictures Corporation 

Jacobs Ladder:
Corolco Pictures

Harvest Filmwork
Truth and soul pictures
Plantain Films
Protozoa Pictures

The game:
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Propaganda Films
A&B Produceoes Lda

Tazi driver:
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Italo/Judeo Producion

The Shining:
Warner Bros.
Hawk Films
Producers Circle

Universal TV

Black Swan:
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Cross Creek Pictures
Protozoa Pictures
Phoenix Pictures
Dune Entertainment

Here is my mood board of logos:

Monday, 9 December 2013

Green Screen

Steve and I used a green screen to film the video linked below, it is the results to our survey on genres.

This is the first time I have used a green screen and this type of software so it has been a learning process and has taken some time but was worth the effort with the end result seen below

The script we had included Steve and I but we couldn't get the lighting right before filming and didn't want any light to interrupt the green screen edit so I did this one on my own and Steve will do the next one, this will show our individual editing skills and filming techniques

Steve filmed this on a Tripod, and we set it all up together, I edited this clip myself

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Final Cut experimentation

At the moment I am experimenting with "Final Cut Express" software to edit the video that I have made analyzing the results to our first survey

As seen below you can see a print screen of where i am up to at the moment, this is the first time i have used this piece of software and the first time i have edited with a green screen so this is an experiment but should be finished soon and posted on the blog