Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Psychological Thriller logo analysis:

Psychological Thriller logo analysis:

In this I will be looking through this site:

This is the top 100 list of psychological thrillers from IMDB; I’m going to look at, at least the top 10 films and write down their production company names and then research these companies finding them and putting them into a mood board
From this I can then analyse the different logos of each company find any links between them and then create my own
Cecchi Gori Pictures
New Line cinema

The Machinist:
Filmax Group
Castelao Producciones

The Silence of the Lambs:
Strong Heart/Demme Production
Orion Pictures Corporation 

Jacobs Ladder:
Corolco Pictures

Harvest Filmwork
Truth and soul pictures
Plantain Films
Protozoa Pictures

The game:
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Propaganda Films
A&B Produceoes Lda

Tazi driver:
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Italo/Judeo Producion

The Shining:
Warner Bros.
Hawk Films
Producers Circle

Universal TV

Black Swan:
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Cross Creek Pictures
Protozoa Pictures
Phoenix Pictures
Dune Entertainment

Here is my mood board of logos:

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