Monday, 17 March 2014

Evaluation Question 6:

Evaluation question 5:

Evaluation question 4:

Evaluation question 3:

Evaluation Question 2:

Evaluation Question 2:

This is a texted and put together answer to the evaluation question 2

Evaluation Question 1:

Evaluation Question 1:

In conclusion our film conforms to most of the genres common features but we have put in our own twists to make our film unique
Our final film!!!!

Film Poster

We are going to use this, created on photoshop for the final clip of our opening sequence instead of our current one because our current one is too simple and basic as it is on paper.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Evaluation quick change

I am thinking of doing Food Menu's and a Slide rocket also to show the evaluation answers

Evaluation Presentation Methods

This is my list of the methods I am going to use and which question i am going to do each method for:

Different Presentation ideas

We want to use a different method of portraying answers to the evaluation questions, this is a list we have made of different methods we could use:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Newest Version of our film

This is our new film, for some reason after export conversion it has become slightly jumpy but not too bad, we may change this in the future but this for now is the final copy

Original Copy of film

This is the original copy of our film, it is very shaky it is for comparison to our new one, we also tried to get several shots worth into one which we didn't do in the newest version of the film.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Quick Opening Sequence Information

Our opening sequence originally was over 4 minuets so i have had to cut down every clip as much as possible with still showing the meaning of it to make sure that the opening sequence is the required 2 minuets

Music for opening sequence

For the music we used recommendations from Winston Diep (I interviewed him for the music position earlier in the blog)

We used two different types of Strings which are non copywrited because they are the basic ones provided and unprotected by apple, they are violin and orchestral based
We also used the piano because it adds suspense to the opening sequence, it lasts for the entire 2 minuets and we put in a diminuendo at the end

To make the music we used GarageBand because it is already on the computers and is extremely easy to use

Live Type and information

For the titles in the opening sequence we are using Livetype, I think that it gives a better range of functions for the text that goes on screen than Final cut

We had the titles set with the opening sequence but our teachers did not like the fonts that we were using so we changed it to a more appropriate one and it should be good now, we only have 5 different titles. We have such few titles because it is only steve and i that have worked on the film and we didn't want our names coming up every few seconds so we thought a few well placed titles were the best option, it makes the actual filming in the opening sequence look better and actually tell the story instead of moving the audiences attention.

Final Cut information

We are using the editing software of Final Cut Express because it is the one our teachers have recommended and because it has such a diversity of functions that can be used, it is also very simple to use once you have learnt the basics, which I have now and am starting to enjoy the editing process

Editing Information

I have been editing the video, I didn't actually know there was a tool bar so once i had finished cutting it all it was very useful to find out that this excised, a little too late there but i know for next time now.

We are using dip to black colour dissolves between clips, originally it was going to be between every clip but now we have placed them only where there is a change in time and/ or place, we did this because it seems to be in the opening sequences of psychological thrillers

After Filming Review

The previous video gives detail on the shredding and the bike scenes so this is about the woods scenes:

It was a bright morning so maybe not the ideal filming conditions for what we wanted because we needed a kind of dark persona
This was the only downfall except dog walkers keep interrupting our shooting

We learnt a lot from film there, such as making sure the camera had battery and memory... Which it didn't so it took us a while to get set up but it was a good shoot

The clip where we look over Steve's shoulder at the letter is a great shot and that is all of our filming done

Finished Filming, How day 1 went

So we have done all of the filming! there is still a small amount of editing to do on-top of this but we are almost finished!

Here is a video showing how the day 1 of the new shooting went:

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Improvements and Clips that need shooting

This is a list that Sir has helped me write to help us film again:

Re-shoot external of van with back door open
Push in of back of van to the door handle using tripod wherever possible
One hand under, one hand on the side
Do inside the van again, no zoom, track the arm down to the laptop, do several times
Pause before cutting
Make a shot for Steve to push the bike into
Close up of broken bike
Steve finding bike, no camera movement
Close up of angry Steve
Keep the shredding
Close up on paper
Steve coming out the door
Close up on Steve’s reaction

Why we are restarting

We are restarting this is why:

Day 2 of filming

Day 2 of filming:

Scene 2:

Clip 1:
This is me shredding pieces of paper, i couldn't find any letter so i had to use the paper we used in the van as photos of bikes, this is visible in the clip but the message is still given so it isn't too bad

Clip 2:
This is Steve finding the shreds of his letters, this is a good clip because he looks nice and angry about it and confused as to why this is happening to him

Day 1 of filming

Day 1 of filming:

We did the filming of the bicycle scene,

Clip 1:
I went well, it was hard to film in the van because of the lack of light we wanted to portray, spacing wise we had to open the back door so it wasn't as dark as we would have liked it but it wasn't too bad

Clip 2:
The next clip is the van in front of the house, this was an easy 5 second clip

Clip 3:
This is Steve walking up to my house with the bike, it was easy i just was a bit shaky when filming it, this may have to be re-filmed

Clip 4:
This is Steve finding the broken bike, I cut off some of his body while filming this but it went well


We will use this chair and laptop in the van for the first scene, i will be looking up bikes on the laptop

Shredder Prop

This is the shredder we will use, we will just put pieces of paper into it for the letter shredding scene.

Bike Prop

This is my bike, we will be using it as a prop in the bike scenes:
It has easy quick release wheels so will be easy to take apart for a quick scene