Sunday, 10 November 2013

James Bond

James Bond Casino Royale Animation analysis:

From the start you can see that this opening sequence is a mixture of animation and real characters or actors, the animations are always linked to characters in the movie or real people for example the man in black fighting all of the “Bad Guys” in red has the same features (like the hair) of Daniel Craig the main character as Bond in the movie such as his hair, body structure and height

When guns fire it isn’t bullets its pieces from on a playing card, usually the spades and when people die they fall apart into diamonds or other card related shapes to poker or card games relating the film to the name Casino Royale

I don’t have much experience with animation software but I would think that this would take a lot of work to do because there is always items on the screen moving and different shapes being integrated into screen transitions

I really like at the end when two holes are shot into the number 7 playing card to form 007

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