Friday, 31 January 2014

Background Music

Background music in films we can use as a guide in our film:

Background music is used to:
Add emotion and rhythm to a film. Usually it isn't meant to be noticeable, it often provides a tone or an emotional attitudes towards the story and or the characters depicted. In addition background music often foreshadows a change in mood. For example dissonant music may be used in film to indicate an approaching menace or disaster.
Background music may aid:
Viewer understanding by linking scenes. For example, a particular musical theme associated with an individual character or situation may be repeated at different points in a film in order to remind audiences of a continual set of ideas or motifs.
Film sound is comprised of:
Conversations and innovations. We have come to expect and acceleration of music during car chases or jumping sounds in horror films. It is important to note as well that sound is often brilliantly conceived. The effect of sound are often largely subtle and only processed by out subconscious. Yet it gives us awareness of the film.

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